Emma Wood


Emma Wood

Emma Wood is a weaver, designer, teacher and unapologetically monochrome. These two words “unapologetically monochrome” are what Emma used to describe her AW19/20 textile range, which later became the foundation for a complete rebrand. Based in Berlin, each of her collections is carefully designed, working with some of Britain’s best wool textile manufacturers to produce the highest quality Merino Lambswool cloth.

Constantly pushing weaving as a discipline, Emma required her brand strategy to reflect the fact her craft is further-reaching than just yarn and fabric. The result was an identity solely inspired by the gadgets and trinkets in her tiny (yet mighty!) studio in Neukölln, with a brand mark that loosely references the treadling sequences and table loom drafts used in weaving.

Brand strategy, design and art direction Gabby Lord
Photography Marcus Nyberg